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The collection management business process covers the entire collections life cycle across BRM and Siebel CRM to define activities typically performed, such as: The synchronizing collection scenarios and actions integration enables the transfer of collections data from BRM database views to Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) tables.This integration uses ODI to transfer the data from BRM to Siebel CRM.Alternatively, the registration service can be manually overridden at any time by clicking the “Get Registration Info” button.The registration service will continue to search for an updated key (within the 7-10 day period) until the AEP expiration date.

The Museum System (TMS) is the world’s leading collection management software, handling every facet of collections both large and small, from objects and exhibitions to insurance policies, shipping activities, and more.

If yes, then new registration keys are automatically sent and updated.

This does not require any action from the end-user.

BRM publishes collection Start Time and End Time timestamp details in BRM local server time in epoch format.

To effectively analyze and manage account activity for a customer, you must first update the customer's account information.

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