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file are uploaded once you select them after browsing please have a look at the link for the control. and it because of the fact that so far there is no way to apply validation to a custom control. My question is how can/do I include this into my custom control? Custom Web Control inside another Custom Web Control Hi I created a custom web control (Cus Web New) that displays some textboxes by adding them to the Control Collection of the webcontrol. NET Control (like: Text Box, Button...) to Web Custom Control. Alphavn That's called a composite control -- "Mark As Answer" if my reply helped you -- Hello Guys What gunteman said, that is one approach and in most cases the right one. If u think if u need to have multiple file uploads say for eg 5 then add 5 fileuploads controls to the aspx page and call the same javascript function for all the the fileuploads controls. this button is for form submission and if some mandatory fields are empty, error message is displayed. I did find a custom control of a Link Button List which is exactly what I wanted. Now you can int...validate 2 controls with Custom Validator I need to check a dropdown and a hidden field to make sure they have the same values. Dave Helixpoint LLCHarrisburg Web Developer Use a Custom Validator like this: function Validate Func(sender, args) {  ...with regular control like textbox it is quite easy to do. However, during debugging hiddenfieldvalue is updated with file name.however the alert never occured, when i pressed the submit without uploading a file. The error I am currently getting is as follows: ... Check Control Validation Property(String name, String property Name) at System. so when he click submit button, if he/she hasn't uploaded a file with this control then he/she must receive an error, just like other mandatory textboxes. k i think u will be inserting the path in the database right. and its requirement that user must upload one file.

it means if user hasn't filled that field, it will give an error when submitbutton for the panel is clicked. I cannot drag web custom controls from toolbox to web form I have created some web custom controls (both composite controls or derived/inherited controls). However, when I try to drag them onto the form, the cursor changes into a black circle with a diagonal line, and cannot drag them. but my problem is that i have some other controls on the form(textboxess and list) and some of them are mandatory. what i am trying to do is that i want the control to pick a datasource from the markup and then check whether its an xml file or a datatable. /**************************Data Source Class****************************/ public class Data Source { /// /// This will be the Datasource ID e... so i think u dont need to do this validation because the in built functionality of this control is superb..:) ya this control is really awesome. However, when I added to be part of the Control Collection of Cust Web New, it stops to work. NET- web user control and web form Guys, I am trying to develop a context menu control for all of my pages.I need the validation to happen on the client-side before postback i.e in a similar manner to the way a standard text box is validated by the validator controls. i want to apply a constraint that user must upload at least one file. here is the code: --------------- using System; using System.

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