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For these deployments the MS Access Switch should be configured with Voice VLANs and Qo S (Quality of Service) to separate voice traffic into its own broadcast domain and tag it for optimal transfer and prioritization.

The Cisco Meraki MS series switch is compatible with industry standard STP (IEEE 802.1D) and RSTP (IEEE 802.1w). Information on how to configure RSTP on a Cisco Meraki Switch can be found on the “switch settings” section of the MS switch documentation.

Port isolation allows a network administrator to prevent traffic from being sent between specific ports.Vulnerability to this type of attack usually results from a switch being misconfigured for native VLAN operation, in which the switch can receive and transmit untagged packets.To help prevent VLAN hopping, keep your equipment up to date by installing hardware and firmware updates as they become available.If you plan to use VLANs to enforce network security, disable the native VLAN feature for all switches unless you have a compelling reason to operate some of your VLANs in native mode.If you must use native VLAN, see your switch vendor’s configuration guidelines for this feature.

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