Vlookup not updating

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Select the table array range, then go to the Name box and type Marks (or any name you want) and press the Enter key.

See screenshot: Tip: Table array range is the range that contains the criteria you need to use in the VLOOKUP function.2.

Is there some obscure setting that has been triggered in this file that is creating this issue?

That is correct, no circular references and circular references are not allowed.

If you are planning to copy your VLOOKUP to multiple cells, you will need to lock your table.

The image below shows a VLOOKUP entered incorrectly.

vlookup not updating-55

If you experience a different #N/A or #REF error to the ones listed below, then tell us.

The image below shows a VLOOKUP with the range_lookup argument omitted, and the incorrect value being returned.

If looking for a unique value, enter FALSE for the last argument. Maybe you are looking to use multiple VLOOKUPs to return different information about a record.

If it still doesn’t work, read on for other N/A errors covered on this page.

Some company reporting systems automatically generate reports where each unique value in the report has a trailing space at the end, which causes the vlookup to fail.

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