Who is russell crowe dating

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Russell Crowe has slammed Woman's Day after the publication incorrectly claimed he was dating Love Child actress Sophia Forrest, 22.

In their Monday edition, the magazine alleged unnamed sources said the 53-year-old was 'smitten' with the budding star.

Trolls mocked the Hollywood star's weight this week after photos emerged of the actor working on his fitness at a park in Sydney's Woolloomooloo over the weekend.

And Russell Crowe deflected criticism on Tuesday in a humorously witty comeback on Twitter.

However, some suggest that the late Irwin, who tragically died at age 44 from a stingray barb to the chest on September 4, 2006, would not be so accepting of his wife’s newfound love.

Irwin was an extremely traditional man who held family values with high regard, and was very devoted to his wife Terri, 51, and to his kids Bindi, 17, and Robert, 12.

She felt Meg was the one who really ended it because she was unwilling to give in to Crowe's pressure to get more serious. I wouldn't call her 'sex on a stick', but in her younger years she certainly was attractive.

Sad that Quaid was a cheating dog throughout their marriage and it never hurt him but Meg stepping out on him helped kill her career. I guess if she hadn't picked her famous co-star she might have got away with it and no one would have cared. I wonder if she and Susan Sarandon's ex are sleeping together these days - or are just friends.

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