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is dedicated to restoring the Hebraic roots of Christianity. The disciples (students) of Yeshua/Jesus were Jewish.Both the Jewish and non-Jewish first century believers in Yeshua/Jesus kept the Sabbath and the Biblical Feast days.(Alright, depending on your family, a small hike may be in order.) Consciously place yourself in God’s presence by making the Sign of the Cross.Pray the Our Father to ask God for the daily bread of His Word.He is more on the guy's side than on the girls' and is most of the time the one who speaks for the group when he is aware that they are thinking the same thing. Currently, Damien is in charge of the New York House of Night.Damien has brown-colored hair and deer-like brown eyes.

Chet appears in the Bible in reference to a slingshot which "missed the target." There is nothing inherently "bad" about that slingshot!

He is described as cute and looks good in boy's clothes.

His adult vampyre tattoo is the goddess Isis turning her head in profile as she unfurls her mighty wings.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, he often helps close friend Zoey Redbird set up rituals for The Dark Daughters and Sons meetings.

Damien is very close friends with Shaunee and was close with Erin Bates before she betrayed him and his friends when she sided with Dallas and Darkness, but they briefly reconciled before she died. Damien becomes close friends with Zoey as the novels progress.

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