Whos ray quinn dating

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Still unable to accept her leaving, Silas pokes a hole in one of his condoms and Megan becomes pregnant. Megan's parents are less accepting and force her to get an abortion.

Silas has an altercation with Megan's father, who previously had liked him but now considers him a loser.

Steven Bauer and his much younger girlfriend are still going strong!

They have a good relationship, and Nancy seems to like her, allowing her to spend the night and looking the other way when it becomes obvious the two are having sex.The happy couple are also celebrating the news that they are expecting a baby in July and plan to decorate the newborn’s nursery in their apartment in Poole.Liverpool-born Ray will be joined by one of Britain’s most experienced panto performers Don Maclean, who many will remember from the hit 1970s BBC children’s show Crackerjack.Admitting that she found the situation "difficult and stressful" to talk about, Michelle wrote: "I was deeply saddened to hear of Ray and Emma’s separation at the weekend."Myself and Hugh have met them a number of times and I have always thought of them as one of the strongest couples out there.

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