Wonderland dating sim

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These games are often designed to be played multiple times.

Tools like multiple save slots, quick-save features, and the ability to skip text and rewind help players efficiently pursue every potential partner character and reveal every story path.

Fall in love with a guy of your dreams and create lasting relationships.

Practice your dating pick-up lines and conversation skills, the essential elements of a successful date.

The more EXP you have with them, the more things you'll be able to do with them.

Welcome to Otome, visual dating games made with women in mind.

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But you’ll need to focus, as playing the field can result in an unsatisfying ending, and no one likes that.

You have decided to visit the Sunshine Harbor to find your lost childhood friend.

Your friend will throw a party in a month and you will need a date to attend you in that party.

Often in these dating sims games you will buy little gifts, talk with different guys and give them compliments.

Smiling and laughing will also improve your chances for a successful date. Idol days Sim Date is a simulation game, where you play as a teenage girl Lexie who dreams of being a famous band guitar player.

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